In addition to regularly scheduled 



WORKSHOPS, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of additional activities.



Annual exams are offered through the Royal Conservatory of Music's Music Development Program, a prestigious, internationally renowned program of excellence.  Annual exams are also offered through CAPMT's Student Evaluation Program.  Either program adheres to a standard of clearly-established goals & guidelines in a broad base of comprehensive material.  Testing encompasses performance of repertoire, sight reading, technique, ear training, music literacy, musical expression, and music theory.  Students who have goals to work towards are more focused, directed, and motivated to excel.



The NFMCMusic Festival celebrates student achievement annually as students perform for an adjudicator to receive feedback on their performances.  This is a non-competitive event in which students of all levels may participate & receive objective evaluation from a professional.  Feedback includes praise for strengths demonstrated as well as suggestions for continued improvement.

The CAPMTSouthern Honors Festival is a celebration of students who have demonstrated (through an audition process) superior performance skills.  Students enter the category that is appropriate for their age & experience (as determined by their teacher).  Selected students are invited to perform in the Festival with other students from other studios across the region.  It offers an opportunity for recognition as well as the chance to hear peers who are among the best of the best.  

NGPTGuild Auditions recognize student achievement annually as students perform a whole program for an adjudicator.  Successful applicants are given membership status in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians under the American College of Musicians.



The MTNAMusic Achievement Award program allows parents, students, and teachers to work together to establish goals for the year that will include performing, mastering a defined set of skills, and broaden the student's appreciation of music (for example, students attend a concert, observe lessons of a peer, draw a picture or write a story depicting one of their favorite songs that they play.  They can also create a composition project or research an area of music history.)  Older or more advancing students are also asked to accompany younger or more beginning students or take on a leadership role.  Such opportunities are mutually beneficial & facilitate a cooperative, nurturing, appreciative spirit.

NGPT Guild offers special award programs such as a Bach Award or a Sonata Award.  In addition, they make Diploma Programs available to dedicated high school students.  These are not easy accomplishments to attain, but meaningful nonetheless and certainly prestigious.

Each exam, festival, audition, etc. also offers Honors Distinctions to its highest achieveing participants.  Awards are presented to students at our annual end-of-the-year Awards Ceremony & Recital.



Some students are motivated by entering challenging events & thrive in a competitive environment.  For those students, there are a variety of competitions available through our studio's professional affiliations.  


There are events that are particularly well suited for the young beginner & others that cater to the needs of the advancing student.  Teacher, parent, and student work together to determine the best match for each student at each time.  Any accomplishment is worthy of including on college applications in addition to the grand feeling of success and confidence that students gain as a result of their hard work & continued commitment.  My favorite thing  about these events is that if provides students with a purpose & a deadline, keeping motivation at an optimum throughout the year, not just in the last couple weeks before a recital.  Students enjoy these events & that provides additional support as well.  


Please don't let the variety of events scare you.  Students select the things that are meaningful for them at the time.  then because they have chosen them, they WANT these things-- enough to WORK for them, and then they become self-directed, motivated young people!  :-)


Please refer to the Calendar in the Student Portal for a more detailed list..